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WARNING: There has been no formal security review of the current BETA version. Use at your own risk.

BlackNote is a paste tool for sharing quick and temporary secrets. Everything except storage is done clientside with NaCl secretbox

Use Case

In a perfect world passwords (even temporary ones) should not be shared. But often, an administrator will need to set a temporary password in order to allow a user to log in to change their password. Instead of sending the password in plaintext through email, they can now instead send a BlackNote link.


In order to get a quick running version:

git clone git@github.com:Aerstone/BlackNote.git
cd ./blacknote
go run blacknote.go 

or to build binaries

git clone git@github.com:Aerstone/BlackNote.git
cd ./blacknote
go build blacknote.go

This will require certificates and keys as HTTPS is forced by default. Certificates are defined by:

  • -c: For the certificate (default: ./server.crt)
  • -k: For the keys (default: ./server.key)
  • -I: Insecure mode without HTTPS (not suggested ever)

The suggested installation is to use BlackNote behind a proxy (such as nginx) in order to handle maximum upload size and a couple of other corner cases.