Reference Guide for the Aery32 Software Framework
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Aery32 Rerefence Guide

The documentation is written in reStructuredText format to be constructed by Sphinx. Sphinx is a Python documentation generator but works fine for C as well. To build local html version of this documentation

git clone git://
cd aery32-refguide
make html

The following commands assume you have Sphinx installed -- if not, see the installation instructions below.

The source files of this documentation are located in source/ directory. From that folder you can find, for example, file index.rst, which is the master document serving as a welcome page and "table of contents tree". To edit these source files just open the file in your favorite editor and be sure to edit in UTF-8 mode. To understand reSt syntax start from

Installing Sphinx (in Windows 7)

Do you have Python installed?

- Yes, I have!

Then you likely have setuptools installed as well. In this case install Sphinx with easy_install. Fire your command prompt (Win+R cmd) and command

easy_install -U Sphinx

Otherwise follow steps below to install Python first and then Sphinx.

- No, I do not have Python

Note: We do not install setuptools here and thus do not use easy_install to install Sphinx. However you will get it installed along Sphinx installer and it is recommended to use it later when installing other Python packages.

  • Create temporary directory where to download the following things:

  • When the both download processes have been completed, you should have these two files:

    • python-2.7.2.msi or python-2.7.2.amd64.msi if you downloaded 64-bit version
    • Sphinx-1.1.2.tar.gz
  • First install Python by double clicking Python installer

  • After successful installation of Python, untar Sphinx-1.1.2.tar.gz into temporary directory

    • The exctarction process creates the Sphinx-1.1.2 directory, change to that directory and double click setup to install Sphinx
    • Once the Sphinx installation is complete, you will find sphinx-xxx executables in your Python Scripts subdirectory, C:\Python27\Scripts. Be sure to add this directory to your PATH environment variable. As you can see, this directory includes now also easy_install executable, which you should use later to install other Python packages.
  • You can now remove the temporary download directory