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3D framework for web, desktop and mobile devices.
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3D. Everywhere.

Minko is a technology to develop and design rich, interactive and universal 3D applications targeting computers, web browsers and mobile platforms.

It provides a powerful editor on top of a robust, extensible and fully documented open source core framework, and is created and maintained by Aerys.

The repository hosts the source code of Minko 3. Looking for Minko 2? We've moved the repository.


Get started

For more detailed instructions, please follow our Getting started with Minko 3 tutorial.


  • Set the MINKO_HOME environment variable to the root of the SDK.
  • Open the explorer in script
  • Run solution_vs2015_full.bat
  • Open minko.sln at the root of the SDK


  • Make sure you have a recent compiler (tested with GCC 4.8 and Clang 3.3)
  • Set the MINKO_HOME environment variable to the root of the SDK
  • Open a command prompt
  • cd <minko>
  • script/
  • make config=release config=osx64_release
  • cd example/cube/bin/osx64/release && ./minko-example-cube


  • Make sure you have a recent compiler (tested with GCC 4.9 and Clang 3.4)
  • Set the MINKO_HOME environment variable to the root of the SDK
  • Open a terminal
  • cd <minko>
  • tool/lin/script/ (or
  • make config=release config=linux64_release
  • cd example/cube/bin/linux64/release && ./minko-example-cube

iOS / Android / HTML5



Sources for the Minko framework.


Example applications created with the Minko framework and its plugins.


This folder contains templates you can use to ease the development of the Minko framework, plugins or applications.


Sources for Minko's plugins.

Available plugins are:

  • angle
  • assimp
  • bullet
  • debug
  • devil
  • fx
  • html-overlay
  • http-loader
  • http-worker
  • jpeg
  • leap
  • lua
  • oculus
  • offscreen
  • particles
  • png
  • sdl
  • sensors
  • serializer
  • video-camera
  • vr
  • zlib


minko is MIT-licensed. Please contribute!

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