Directory Tool is a bash symbiont that provides some interactive 'cd' commands.
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DirT is an interactive browsing enhancement for the 'cd' shell builtin.

demo animation

Currently, it has the following features:

  • Memory of paths visited in this shell instance. (uses environment variable)
  • Memory of paths visited in all instances. (uses file in /tmp)
  • Bookmarks where you can permanently remember commonly used paths.
  • Tree browser that helps alleviate the (cd, tab-tab-tab, expletive, ls)-loop
  • Dotfile hiding/unhiding
  • Homedir recognition
  • Name and path substitutions, to cope with long paths, preferred symlinked paths and perhaps other uses.
  • Interactive search, which does a lot for usability when branching factor is high.
  • Ignore patterns to be rid of common nuisances are implemented by substitution to the empty string. (No, it is intuitive... to us...)

Planned features:

  • Python 2.x / 3.x portability. (Currently 2.6 is the tested version.)


Key Effect
Up / Down Browse
Enter Exit and cd to this directory
Escape, q Quit, without doing 'cd'.
Right Tree-browse directory
Left Tree-browse parent directory
b Browse bookmarks
B Bookmark highlighted entry
s Browse session (dirs visited in session)
S Save highlighted entry in session
h Homes browser
~ Tree browse from home
d Tree browse from current dir
x Remove entry (from Session / Bookmarks)
/, _ Enter interactive search

In interactive search mode:

Key Effect
Escape Exit interactive search mode
Backspace Remove last search string char, or exit mode if empty
' '..'~' Add to search string

Interactive search mode

After you've entered IS, just type a few characters. As you type each char, the display list is re-sorted to place the best matches in the middle and highlights the middle. IS also shows the current string at the top of the screen. Placing best matches in the middle halves is done so that the browse distance to an entry is halved.

(Display) Substition File

If you want some dirs to be displayed as something other than the path, you can enter substitution patterns in a file called ~/.dirt_subs. In the subs file patterns and replacements are listed, one per line separated by one or more tabs:

pattern (one or more tabs) replacement

Lines that don't follow this pattern are ignored. If you need the pattern to include tabs, you can use \t. Replacements can also include \1 or \g as the replacements are done using the standard python re package.


For now, it's GPLv2. If you know what that means, good for you, enjoy.

If not, well, you can...

  • contact me to negotiate a licence properly, or
  • obey whatever all the applicable laws say regardless of license, or
  • figure out what I meant, or
  • be naughty, and take the risk.


This software may be used for evil as well as for good. (none of my business.)

Copyright (C) 2009-2010 Anders Eurenius