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💡 Resolution, brightness, wallpaper, lockscreen manager
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Wallpapers (Desktop/Lockscreen) with Effects (Normal/Dim/Blur) Resolution Brightness Lockscreen

Why Do I Need This?

Are you running a Window Manager without a DE? Ever experienced the inconvenience of running xrandr to set resolution, feh for wallpaper, light for brightness, and i3lock for lockscreen? (I use these tools, in my case)

I wrote displayctl to eradicate these problems. Now you can handle these tasks with a single script!



Currently it only supports manual installation, sorry! Supports for several common distributions will be added later!

  • Manual Installation
$ git clone
$ cd displayctl && cp displayctl ~/.local/bin/displayctl


Add this line to your ~/.Xresources

! displayctl
#include "/home/aesophor/.x/displayctlrc"

Then create the configuration file in ~/.x/displayctlrc

! displayctlrc
! ===================================================================================
Display.monitor:         eDP1
Display.dpi:             112
Display.resolution:      1680x1050
Display.brightness:      30
Display.wallpaper:       /home/aesophor/Pictures/Wallpapers/Nature/Rainy.jpeg
Display.lockscreen:      /home/aesophor/Pictures/Wallpapers/Landscape/Pebble.jpeg


Lockscreen cache can be located at /tmp/lock_cache.png. It will be stored there for faster lockscreen invocation.

To use the lockscreen with another effect, run displayctl -c to clear the cache first.

$ displayctl                  # Restore resolution, brightness, and wallpaper to last session 
$ displayctl -d               # Restore resolution and brightness to last session
$ displayctl -l               # Invoke lockscreen (i3lock-color required)
$ displayctl -l -d -b         # Invoke lockscreen with dim + blur effect
$ displayctl -w -d -b         # Set wallpaper with dim + blur effect
$ displayctl -e 1280x800      # Mirrors display to an external monitor
$ displayctl -c               # Clears lockscreen cache


The effects demonstrated below can be applied to Desktop Wallpapers as well.

  • Lockscreen (Normal) None

  • Lockscreen (Dim) None

  • Lockscreen (Blur) None

  • Lockscreen (Dim + Blur) None


Available under the MIT License.

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