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This is a port of the upstream FreeRTOS operating system to AESTE platforms.

The purpose of maintaining this port is as a record/archive of the upstream code. It will also be our main repository for any customisations made to the upstream code.

Historical Summary

  • R12.22 - Bump to FreeRTOSV7.1.1 - compiles clean.

  • R2012-01-30 - Bump to FreeRTOSV7.1.0 - compiles clean.

  • R2011-08-19 - Reorganised the port code into the FreeRTOS subdirectory. Change the DEMO code to incorporate critical section of stdout.

  • R2011-08-13 - Working kernel.

Code Organisation

This repository is organised using the structure proposed at nvie.com with two main public branches:

  • master - holds the tagged public release code. Track this branch if you only wish to receive hotfixes and work on stable code.

  • develop - holds the active development branch. Track this branch if you wish to stay updated with all the latest developments and work on unstable code.

If you wish to contribute to the development of this port, please fork this repository, make your changes and perform a pull request.

Upstream Repository

This repository is a fork of the upstream FreeRTOS SVN repository hosted at Sourceforge.

Reporting Bugs

Any bugs spotted in the upstream code should be reported to the upstream source. Any bugs for our custom code should be reported using the issues page at the github repository.