Create beautiful user interfaces for immersive VR/AR experiences.
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Hover UI Kit

Hover UI Kit is a tool for creating beautiful, customizable, dynamic user interfaces. All interface interactions utilize a simple and consistent mechanism -- the "hover" -- which users can perform with any 3D input device. These interfaces are designed specifically for VR/AR applications, addressing the complex UX challenges of these immersive environments.

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📷 Using the Hovercast interface with Leap Motion hands

📷 Using the Hoverkey interface with Leap Motion hands

📷 Using the Hoverpanel interface with Leap Motion hands


📷 Default cursor positions for the Vive controllers

📷 Default cursor positions for the Oculus Touch controllers

📷 Cursors attached to specific points on the LeapMotion hands

📷 The "Look" cursor mapped to the headset's Unity transform.

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