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Crawler for Trip Advisor reviews
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Trip Advisor crawler

This is a simple crawler script for Trip Advisor.

It is aimed at researchers and students that want to experiment with text mining problems on review data.

usage: [-h] [-f] [-r MAXRETRIES] [-t TIMEOUT] [-a {Hotel,Restaurant}] [-p PAUSE] [-m MAXREVIEWS] -o OUT ID [ID ...]

required arguments:

-o OUT, --out OUT Output base path

ID IDs for which to download reviews

ID format:

  • domain:locationcode e.g. com:187893 = reviews form any hotel in Tuscany, from the com domain
  • domain:locationcode:citycode e.g. jp:187899:187899 = reviews from any hotel in the city of Pisa from the jp domain
  • domain:locationcode:citycode:hotelcode e.g. it:187899:187899:662603 = all reviews for a specific hotel from the it domain
  • domain:locationcode:citycode:hotelcode:reviewcode e.g. it:187899:187899:662603:322965103 = a single specific review

optional arguments:

-h, --help show help message and exit

-f, --force Force download even if already successfully downloaded

-a {Hotel,Restaurant}, --activity {Hotel,Restaurant} Type of activity to crawl (default: Hotel)

-r MAXRETRIES, --maxretries MAXRETRIES Max retries to download a file. Default: 3

-t TIMEOUT, --timeout TIMEOUT Timeout in seconds for http connections. Default: 180

-p PAUSE, --pause PAUSE Seconds to wait between http requests. Default: 0.2

-m MAXREVIEWS, --maxreviews MAXREVIEWS Maximum number of reviews per item to download. Default:unlimited

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