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Telegram bot for the Asoc. Electrónica de Teleco.

Has the following commands:

  • foto - sends a picture of AETEL right now (can only be used by members)
  • gif - sends a gif of AETEL right now (can only be used by members)
  • puerta - opens the door (can only be used by members)
  • bus - deploys a menu to check when the next bus to or from Campus Sur comes
  • bus line_Nº stop_Nº - shows when next bus is coming to said stop
  • luz - Lights AETEL use: /luz color supported colors: rojo, naranja, amarillo, verde, azul, indigo, violeta, magenta, blanco

Not implemented:

  • add @someone - only can be used by @aetel admins, adds @someone to the list of AETEL members
  • list - lists all current members and IDs
  • comida - starts a poll to see who eats at school today (can only be started by members)
  • list-comida - lists all the people who eat at school today
  • shut-camera - turns off camera commands

Needs a data-and-settings.json file in the same directory to run.