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Rewarded contribution opportunities in the æcosystem for the æternity community.

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æUnited - Moving towards the future of æternity, æternally

Get your hands dirty and pick your next task to help æternity become the number one platform for blockchain developers. Let's bring the promise of trustless, transparent and tamperproof tools to the masses!

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Tune in to the ongoing discussion and ideas for the future of æUnited and take part in the birth of a new movement. Learn how the community proposed and voted for the name of the new Open-Source Contribution Program.


You can currently contribute on the following open issues and challenges:

Area Task Reward Status Assigned to Target date
DevTools React.JS Boilerplate CHF 250 COMPLETED @emmanuelJet 10.11.2021
DevTools Angular Boilerplate CHF 250 COMPLETED @YinkaEnoch 12.11.2021
DevTools aepp-boilerplate-vue: update dependencies and general improvements CHF 200 COMPLETED @the-icarus 03.10.2021
DevTools aepp-token-migration-backend-nodejs: migrate Go backend to Node.js CHF 800 COMPLETED @genievot 10.09.2021
DevTools ZKP based private transactions CHF 10000 in progress @genievot 31.03.2022
DevTools GitHub Syntax Highlighting CHF 1500 open - -

More bounties will be addded soon!

How to sign up for a bounty?

In order to participate in a bounty you need to comment the issue and provide a date when you plan to finish the bounty. The respective owner of the issue will confirm your assignment to the bounty and the table above will be updated accordingly.

Keep the community updated!

You should provide at least a bi-weekly update of your progress in the issue of the bounty so that we know you are working on the bounty. It does not matter if the target date cannot be met for whatever reason as long as we see that work is being done. If you don't provide regular updates and you don't respond to questions in a reasonable time you are at risk to lose your bounty assignment!

We reserve the right to assign the bounty to someone else in this case!

How to receive the reward?

To claim your bounty reward please provide your AE address (or .chain name) in the issue you solved after your contribution has been approved. The approval is either a merge of the PR in the official repository or an explicit comment in the issue of the bounty if there is no official repository in the organization. Make sure to include your æternity wallet address in the Github Issue to receive your reward. Bounties will be transferred in AE tokens and calculated based on CHF values right before payment. Transfers will be confirmed in the same Github Issue and may take up to 14 days.


Reach out to or ask on Discord whenever you are having any questions or doubts regarding the bounties and the process! Let's take control together :)


Rewarded contribution opportunities in the æcosystem for the æternity community.







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