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Aeternity Localnet

Docker-compose based configuration to easily run locally deployed dev/test network. Latest config files support node v6.* For older node versions use the v1.* tags of this repository.

This repository provide two setups described below:

  • Single node configuration in devmode (default) -- good for smart contracts testing and node API features
  • 3 Node configuration - good to test p2p, consensus etc. features

Single node configuration uses the devmode plugin in default configuration.

The 3 node configuration uses the mean15-generic miner (fastest generic miner). As the beneficiary key-pair is publicly available, this setup should not be connected to public networks.

All local network nodes are configured with the same beneficiary account (for more details on beneficiary see configuration documentation):

  • public key: ak_twR4h7dEcUtc2iSEDv8kB7UFJJDGiEDQCXr85C3fYF8FdVdyo
  • private key secret: secret
  • key-pair binaries can be found in /node/keys/beneficiary directory of this repository


The configuration uses a proxy server to allow CORS and URL routing.

All APIs (external, internal and state channels websocket) are exposed to the docker host, the URL pattern is as follows:

  • external/internal API - http://$DOCKER_HOST_ADDRESS:8080/nodeX
  • channels API - ws://$DOCKER_HOST_ADDRESS:8080/nodeX/channel

For example if one wants to use node1 API on local docker host the address is: http://localhost:8080/node1/v2/status

Also the node1 is always available without URL path suffix, for example:


Also node1 have the standard port bindings as well:

  • port 3013 - External API
  • port 3113 - Internal API
  • port 3014 - State Channels API
  • port 3313 - Dev Mode plugin

Single Node Configuraiton (default)

To use a Single Node Configuration start the containers with the docker-compose command. Example:

docker-compose up -d

Check if the node is running:

curl http://localhost:8080/v2/status

To destroy the network:

docker-compose down

To cleanup the associated docker volumes, -v option could be used:

docker-compose down -v

More details can be found in docker-compose documentation.

3 Node configuration

To start the 3 node configuration use the additional docker-compose config:

docker-compose -f docker-compose.multi.yml up -d

Node names:

  • node1
  • node2
  • node3

For example to access node2 API (status), assuming docker host address is localhost:

curl http://localhost:8080/node2/v2/status

Image Version

3 node configuration uses the aeternity/aeternity:latest image by default, it will be pulled from docker hub if it's not found locally.

To change what node version is used set IMAGE_TAG environment variable, e.g.:

IMAGE_TAG=v4.0.0 docker-compose up -d

This configuration is known to work with node versions >= 5.0.0

The devmode (single node) configuration uses the aeternity/aeternity:latest-bundle by default which included the devmode plugin

The image can be changed (i.e. to specific version) by setting IMAGE_TAG environment variable.

Mining Rate

By default the 3 nodes localnet has set default mine rate of 1 block per 15 seconds. It can be changed by setting AETERNITY_MINE_RATE environment variable. The variable is in milliseconds, so to set 1 block per 10 seconds use:

AETERNITY_MINE_RATE=10000 docker-compose -f docker-compose.multi.yml up


This configuration includes 3 genesis pre-funded accounts:

Ammount Public Address
1000000000000000000000 ak_AnYx7qbt5PZeNfa8kvAxA9WS3mGpSGAsshGbG6bkDLVtCxmMT
2000000000000000000000 ak_22vGvAfLipm8vK6ExtDxGEfbDXSeSEt9Ur87xyL2F11gb8ZRKg
2000000000000000000000 ak_XwTENL7b2UNqrbqqput7GrPPBxbXXWx7kiwxCz2C4oMAp1H8u

Wallets for the accounts can be found in the aepp template repository.


Docker-compose based configuration to easily run locally deployed dev/test network







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