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1 parent b480ca0 commit d5750c648b7c13d6bc5cc18fb815e604aac3eaf1 @aeden aeden committed Mar 10, 2013
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@@ -67,13 +67,13 @@ handle(BadMessage, Host) ->
%% We throttle ANY queries to discourage use of our authoritative name servers
%% for reflection attacks.
handle(Message, Host, {throttled, Host, ReqCount}) ->
- lager:info("Throttled ANY query for ~p. (req count: ~p)", [Host, ReqCount]),
+ lager:debug("Throttled ANY query for ~p. (req count: ~p)", [Host, ReqCount]),
Message#dns_message{rc = ?DNS_RCODE_REFUSED};
%% Message was not throttled, so handle it, then do EDNS handling, optionally
%% append the SOA record if it is a zone transfer and complete the response
%% by filling out count-related header fields.
handle(Message, Host, _) ->
- lager:info("Questions: ~p", [Message#dns_message.questions]),
+ lager:debug("Questions: ~p", [Message#dns_message.questions]),
NewMessage = erldns_metrics:measure(none, ?MODULE, handle_message, [Message, Host]),

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