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 Midnight Graphics & Recreation Library
 version < 1.0

 License information:
 M.GRL is made available to you as free software under the terms of
 the LGPLv3 or, at your option, any later version of the LGPL as
 published by the Free Software Foundation.  See for more infomation.

 The code for the examples in the 'demos' folder is dedicated to the
 public domain by way of CC0 unless otherwise noted.  If you make use
 of any CC0 resources from this project, it is gently requested that
 you provide some sort of attribution to this project as being the
 origin of the respective resources.  More information about CC0 is
 available here:
 The test runner is made available under the GPLv3 or newer.  See for more information.  The
 individual tests however are public domain by way of CC0.

 Art assets included in the demos have their respective license
 information posted on the demo index or in the individual demo
 folders.  (Hint: most of them are CC-BY-SA)

 M.GRL makes use of gl-matrix, which you can find out more about here: and

 A Short list of M.GRL's features:

 - 2D and 3D rendering via WebGL
 - animation via assigning functions to shader variables
 - export 3D models and animations from Blender
 - gani-compatible sprite animation system
 - a GLSL to GLSL shader compiler
 - compositing graph for multipass rendering
 - dynamic lighting via deferred rendering

 Sphinx is used for documenting M.GRL.  If you make changes to the
 api, you will need to regenerate some of the documentation.

 M.GRL's documentation is available here:

 Automatic generation of API documentation in Sphinx is accomplished
 with whisperdoc.  This tool can be installed from here:

 To regenerate the API pages, you can run this shell script:

$ sh

 Unit tests may be ran here:
 M.GRL makes use of its own minimal unit testing framework, which can
 be found in the 'tests' directory of this repository.

 Have a nice day!