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Raycasting for Bevy

CI Bevy tracking

raycast demo

A Bevy plugin for 3D ray casting against meshes. Used to build bevy_mod_picking. Contributions welcome!


This plugin makes it simple to create ray casting sources, such as a transform (first person, third person shooter), or screenspace coordinates (mouse picking).

  • Only meshes that you mark with a component will be checked for intersections.
  • You can define which ray casting source(s) should interact with which mesh(es) by marking grouped sources and targets with the same type.
  • This plugin also provides some functionality to compute the intersection of rays with primitive shapes.
  • Acceleration is provided using Bevy's AABBs and visibility culling.
  • An immediate mode API is provided to allow raycasts on demand, as well as raycasting using components updated once per frame.


For a more full featured and performant option, consider using bevy_rapier. Note that rapier is a full physics engine that can also do raycasting; by contrast, this crate prioritizes simplicity and ergonomics.

Bevy Version Support

I intend to track the main branch of Bevy. PRs supporting this are welcome!

bevy bevy_mod_raycast
0.11 0.9, 0.10, 0.11, 0.12
0.10 0.8
0.9 0.7
0.8 0.6
0.7 0.4, 0.5
0.6 0.3
0.5 0.2
0.4 0.1


Mouse picking using a ray cast built using screen space coordinates:

cargo run --example mouse_picking

Mouse picking using a ray cast built using screen space coordinates, for 2D meshes:

cargo run --example mouse_picking_2d

Ray casting from a camera using ray casts from the camera entity's GlobalTransform:

cargo run --example minimal

Manually compute raycast against primitive shape, and check for line-of-sight visibility

cargo run --example ray_intersection_over_mesh

Optimization Mouse picking over many meshes using AABBs:

cargo run --example bounding_volume

Optimization Mouse picking over complicated mesh using simplified mesh for the raycasting:

cargo run --example simplified_mesh