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jQuery Bonsai

jquery-bonsai is a lightweight jQuery plugin that takes a big nested list and prunes it down to a small expandable tree control.

Also includes support for checkboxes (including 'indeterminate' state) and for populating the tree using a JSON data source.



bower install jquery-bonsai --save


npm install jquery-bonsai --save





  expandAll: false, // expand all items
  expand: null, // optional function to expand an item
  collapse: null, // optional function to collapse an item
  addExpandAll: false, // add a link to expand all items
  addSelectAll: false, // add a link to select all checkboxes
  selectAllExclude: null, // a filter selector or function for selectAll
  idAttribute: 'id', // which attribute of the list items to use as an id

  // createInputs: create checkboxes or radio buttons for each list item
  // using a value of "checkbox" or "radio".
  // The id, name and value for the inputs can be declared in the
  // markup using `data-id`, `data-name` and `data-value`.
  // The name is inherited from parent items if not specified.
  // Checked state can be indicated using `data-checked`.
  createInputs: false,
  // checkboxes: run qubit(this.options) on the root node (requires jquery.qubit)
  checkboxes: false,
  // handleDuplicateCheckboxes: update any other checkboxes that
  // have the same value
  handleDuplicateCheckboxes: false


If the DOM changes then you'll need to call #update:



Return a jQuery object containing the <li> with the specified id.

Expanding/collapsing a single items

  • Bonsai#expand(listItem)
  • Bonsai#collapse(listItem)
  • Bonsai#toggle(listItem)
  • Bonsai#expandTo(listItem)
var bonsai = $('#list').data('bonsai');

All of these methods accept either a DOMElement, a jQuery object or an id and return a jQuery object containing the list item.

Expanding/collapsing the whole tree

  • Bonsai#expandAll(listItem)
  • Bonsai#collapseAll(listItem)


Returns an object representing the expanded/collapsed state of the list, using the items' id to identify the list items.

var bonsai = $('#list').data('bonsai');
var state = bonsai.serialize();


Restores the expanded/collapsed state of the list using the return value of #serialize().

var bonsai = $('#list').data('bonsai');
var state = bonsai.serialize();
// do stuff that changes the DOM, and may not retain collapsed state
bonsai.update(); // update to handle any new DOM elements
bonsai.restore(state); // restores the collapsed state