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give usefull informations when form validation fails + return 400 status code #8

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Right now djangbone return an http response with the code 200 + not usefull informations. This is a bit painful to debug.

Have a nice day,

@af af merged commit 42dc407 into from
af commented

Thanks for the patch (and sorry for the delayed response). That method is only meant to be overridden but it seems like your changes will be good for debugging.

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@@ -188,4 +188,4 @@ def validation_error_response(self, form_errors):
can override this method is you want to use a specific error response format.
By default, the output is a simple text response.
- return HttpResponse('ERROR: validation failed')
+ return HttpResponse('<p>ERROR: validation failed</p>' + str(form_errors), status=400)
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