A build tool for client-side javascript.
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Wiseau is a build tool for client-side javascript. It concatenates and minifies your javascript, without telling you which libraries to use or how to lay out your project.


  • Support for multiple output files
  • Minification via uglify-js
  • (TODO) Support for http and npm dependencies
  • (TODO) JSHint integration

Maybe later:

  • Coffeescript support
  • CSS/Stylus build targets

Command Line Interface

  • wiseau init - Start a new project by creating a new clientbuild.json config file.
  • wiseau build - Build the target files specified in your config file.
  • wiseau watch - (TODO) Watch the project's source files for changes, and re-build automatically when changes are saved.

For convenience, wiseau is also aliased as wi at the command line.

An Example clientbuild.json File

// Single-line comments can be added to your json config file.
    "sourceDir": "js/src",                  // The relative path to your source code
    "outputDir": "js/build",                // Where to place the output of the build

    "targets": {
        "libs.js": {
            "sourceDir": "js/src/libs",     // You can override config values per target
            "dependencies": [
        "app.js": {                         // You can create as many build targets as you like
            "minify": false,                // Minification is optional (but enabled by default)
            "dependencies": [

Alternatives/Prior Art

  • anvil.js
  • Ender
  • bpm
  • buildr.npm