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target-lm32: use HELPER() macro

Instead of hardcoding the function name, use the HELPER() macro for this.

Signed-off-by: Michael Walle <>
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commit 6635075596e0ae583de9c04ff605e16ceaa7d294 1 parent a5b0f6d
@mwalle mwalle authored
Showing with 10 additions and 10 deletions.
  1. +10 −10 target-lm32/op_helper.c
20 target-lm32/op_helper.c
@@ -17,13 +17,13 @@
#define SHIFT 3
#include "exec/softmmu_template.h"
-void helper_raise_exception(CPULM32State *env, uint32_t index)
+void HELPER(raise_exception)(CPULM32State *env, uint32_t index)
env->exception_index = index;
-void helper_hlt(CPULM32State *env)
+void HELPER(hlt)(CPULM32State *env)
CPUState *cs = CPU(lm32_env_get_cpu(env));
@@ -32,42 +32,42 @@ void helper_hlt(CPULM32State *env)
-void helper_wcsr_im(CPULM32State *env, uint32_t im)
+void HELPER(wcsr_im)(CPULM32State *env, uint32_t im)
lm32_pic_set_im(env->pic_state, im);
-void helper_wcsr_ip(CPULM32State *env, uint32_t im)
+void HELPER(wcsr_ip)(CPULM32State *env, uint32_t im)
lm32_pic_set_ip(env->pic_state, im);
-void helper_wcsr_jtx(CPULM32State *env, uint32_t jtx)
+void HELPER(wcsr_jtx)(CPULM32State *env, uint32_t jtx)
lm32_juart_set_jtx(env->juart_state, jtx);
-void helper_wcsr_jrx(CPULM32State *env, uint32_t jrx)
+void HELPER(wcsr_jrx)(CPULM32State *env, uint32_t jrx)
lm32_juart_set_jrx(env->juart_state, jrx);
-uint32_t helper_rcsr_im(CPULM32State *env)
+uint32_t HELPER(rcsr_im)(CPULM32State *env)
return lm32_pic_get_im(env->pic_state);
-uint32_t helper_rcsr_ip(CPULM32State *env)
+uint32_t HELPER(rcsr_ip)(CPULM32State *env)
return lm32_pic_get_ip(env->pic_state);
-uint32_t helper_rcsr_jtx(CPULM32State *env)
+uint32_t HELPER(rcsr_jtx)(CPULM32State *env)
return lm32_juart_get_jtx(env->juart_state);
-uint32_t helper_rcsr_jrx(CPULM32State *env)
+uint32_t HELPER(rcsr_jrx)(CPULM32State *env)
return lm32_juart_get_jrx(env->juart_state);
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