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[WIP] - Get your articles from Pocket, Convert them to Mobi, HTML or PDF and Send them to your Kindle
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[WIP] - Only working with HTML files and PDFs at the moment, PR's Welcome!

pocket2kindle is a utility to take your reading list from Pocket ( and convert it to multiple file formats in order to send it to your kindle.

Requirements to run dev version:

  1. Python 2.7.x
  2. Pipenv -
  3. A kindle email address -
  4. A pocket account with a non-password protected RSS feed -
  5. A GMX email address - (This is a simple SMTP enabled mail service - pocket2kindle may work with other email clients but i've not tested)
  6. wkhtmltopdf (google for installation instructions for your platform)

In order to run dev version;

  1. Download this repo and unzip
  2. cd into the unzip directory from the command line
  3. run pipenv install
  4. run pipenv run python pocket2kindle <LINK TO POCKET RSS FEED> <EMAIL_ADDRESS> <EMAIL_PASSWORD> <EMAIL_SERVER> <EMAIL_SERVER_PORT> <KINDLE EMAILADDRESS> <OUTPUT_FORMAT> (n.b supported output formats are html and pdf)

Features i'm working on;

  1. Some sites won't let you download them via python request lib, find out workaroud [Medium effort]
  2. GUI [High effort]
  3. Enable kindle upload in .MOBI format [Medium Effort]
  4. Enable kindle upload in .PDF format [Low effort]
  5. Enable downloading of url
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