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Welcome to the linux-dash wiki!

This project is a drop-in, minimal-dependency web dashboard for linux servers. It provides a web interface for useful linux server information and statistics.

Try out the demo!

Project Goals

  • Visual UX is the highest priority
  • Drop-in install
    • Minimal dependencies to libraries and packages (PHP/Linux packages)
    • Main page to remain an HTML file
  • Support for:
    • OS / Linux versions: Debian 6+, RHEL, Fedora, Ubuntu 11.04+, Mint/CentOS
    • Browsers: Chrome, Safari, Firefox. (latest major releases)
    • Back-end: PHP 5.3+, BASH
  • Easily digest-able documentation for application and each widget
  • Modular approach to JS code



This application is written in with a PHP/shell scripted back-end, and uses AJAXY front-end (bootstrap, jquery) to display the dashboard.


All widgets should answer the following questions:

  • What data does it display?
  • List of all back-end files this functionality uses (sh directory)
  • How does it obtain that data (shell command, php parses system file, etc.)
  • Any assumptions/predictive calculations made? If so, please explain briefly

List of Current Widgets

  • General info
  • Load Average
  • RAM
  • Disk Usage
  • Users
  • Software
  • IP
  • Internet Speed
  • Online
  • Processes
  • Logs


  • Web server configured for PHP
  • PHP 5, php5-json
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