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* Test code servers as a good demo of the FlowProcess mocking feature
public inherited sharing class CustomNotificationTest {
private static void whenSendNotificationFlowVarsPassed() {
// Given
FlowProcessRunner mockRunner =
(FlowProcessRunner) Test.createStub(FlowProcessRunner.class, new RunnerMock());
// When
new CustomNotification()
.title('Batch Error')
.body('Some useful information')
// Then
// ... see asserts in RunnerMock
private class RunnerMock implements System.StubProvider {
public Object handleMethodCall(
Object stubbedObject, String stubbedMethodName, Type returnType,
List<Type> listOfParamTypes, List<String> listOfParamNames, List<Object> listOfArgs) {
// Assert FlowProcess was passed the correct Flow name to resolve
FlowProcess.ResolveByName resolver = (FlowProcess.ResolveByName) listOfArgs[0];
System.assertEquals('SendCustomNotification', resolver.flowName);
Map<String, Object> inputs = (Map<String, Object>) listOfArgs[1];
System.assertEquals('Batch Error', inputs.get('NotificationTitle'));
System.assertEquals('Some useful information', inputs.get('NotificationBody'));
System.assertEquals(UserInfo.getUserId(), inputs.get('TargetId'));
// TODO: Assert the rest
// ...
// Mock a response from the Flow
return new Map<String, Object>();