Dynamically call Flows at runtime to do more things with them from more places!
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Flow Toolbelt

More dynamic power to your Flows for developers and admins!

Documentation and Discussion


You can install via a managed package for ease of use and easy upgrades or you can install the code to help contribute and develop the tool.


Production and Sandbox

  • Fixed issue with flowtb_xxx output vars with no value
  • Removed the Is Autolaunched Flow fields from the custom metadata layout (physical fields still exist and work)
  • Autolaunched Flows no longer require Flow Factory tab usage


Production and Sandbox

  • Added additional info messaging when the component is not active
  • Resolved an error message popup when the component was used on a page and the flow invoked a utlity bar api


Producton and Sandbox

  • This release adds an exciting new Lightning Component. The Dynamic Flow component can be used to display Flows dynamically while tracking user navigation and record edits. Additionally it allows Flow logic to interact with Lightning Experience features such as Utility Bar and associated API's to drive navigation to other records, pages, display notifications, popups and more all 100% declarative of course!. For more information see here.


Producton and Sandbox

  • Initial release, only with an API flowtb.FlowFactory.newInstance
Flow.Interview flow = flowtb.FlowFactory.newInstance('TestA', new Map<String, Object>());


Want to contribute to the code or just take a better look? This option is for you...

Deploy to Salesforce