Generic DI library with support for Apex, Triggers, Visualforce and Lightning
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Force DI

Generic dependency injection (DI) library with support for injecting Apex, Visualforce, Lightning, and Flows at runtime.


Project Folders

Force DI Example

Folder Description
force-di Core library, contains Injector Apex API and <c:di_injector> VF and Lightning Components
force-app-1 Sample application using the API and Components to inject Apex, VF and Lightning at runtime
force-app-2 Sample package providing impls for various bindings above
force-app-3 Sample package providing impls for various bindings above
force-di-trigger-demo Sample basic trigger framework leveraging the API

Install latest version via a Salesforce DX Package

You have two options you can install via your web browser here or you can install via the Salesforce DX CLI as shown below.

sfdx plugins:install shane-sfdx-plugins
sfdx shane:github:package:install -g afawcett -r force-di

Other Resources on Dependency Injection Design Pattern

Some of these blogs and videos are not necessarily Salesforce-specific but give good insights on use cases and purpose behind this design pattern.