Lightning Component for the Salesforce Streaming API
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Streaming API Lightning Component

For more information see here.

Deploy to Salesforce


This Lightning Component makes it easier to use the Streaming API and thus Platform Events in your Lightning Components. Simply state the channel, e.g. /topic/mytopic or /event/MyEvent__e along with an onMessage handler.

<aura:component implements="flexipage:availableForAllPageTypes">
    <aura:attribute name="lastMessagePayload" type="String" access="private"/>
    <c:streaming channel="/event/MyEvent__e" onMessage="{!c.handleMessage}"/>
	handleMessage : function(component, event, helper) {
	    component.set("v.lastMessagePayload", JSON.stringify(event.getParam("payload")));

NOTE: This component will work with PushTopic's as well.



  1. Deploy via the button above (to Summer'17 org)
  2. Create a Platform Event with an API name of MyEvent__e
  3. Add a field with an API name of Message__c
  4. Add the StreamingDemo component to a Lightning Page via Lightning App Builder
  5. Issue the following code from Execute Annonymous
  6. Observe the message in the Lightning page created above
// Create event to publish
List<MyEvent__e> events = new List<MyEvent__e>();
events.add(new MyEvent__e(Message__c = 'My Message'));

// Call method to publish events
List<Database.SaveResult> results = EventBus.publish(events);

// Inspect publishing result for each event
for (Database.SaveResult sr : results) {
    if (sr.isSuccess()) {
        System.debug('Successfully published event.');
    } else {
        for(Database.Error err : sr.getErrors()) {
            System.debug('Error returned: ' +
                        err.getStatusCode() +