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Changed ZORed to XORed on line 678. Just a typographical error

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1 parent ca2fa18 commit 0227f15d8f63b40ca15f9db40f5f311e40834f0e @afbase committed
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@@ -675,7 +675,7 @@ of the hash of the password. This is used as a sort of username so that the
other end knows which password to try using in the handshake.
If Derivations is non-zero, an additional step is included, the two most
-significant bytes of the password hash are ZORed against the two bytes of the
+significant bytes of the password hash are XORed against the two bytes of the
network representation of Derivations and it is hashed using SHA-256 once
again before being included in the generation of the symmetric key. This form is
notably NOT used in the Hash Code field.

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