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Tasks with dependencies for C++17


This header-only C++17 package is an extension of the thread pool package that allows to create tasks with dependencies. If the number of dependencies is non-empty, the actual submission to the thread pool will be postponed until all dependencies are resolved.

   mt::thread_pool tp(2);
   auto a = mt::submit(tp, {}, []() {
      return 20;
   auto b = mt::submit(tp, {}, []() {
      return 22;
   auto c = mt::submit(tp, {a, b}, [=]() {
      return a->get_value() + b->get_value();
   int result = c->get_value();

In this example, a and b are tasks with no dependencies but task c depends on the completion of a and b.

Note that implicitly a directed anti-cyclic graph is created where the objects returned by this mt::submit function are pointers to the internal vertices of the graph. These pointers are based on std::shared_ptr which are automatically free'd.

A recursive divide-and-conquer-pattern can be implemented as follows:

   mt::thread_pool tp(2);
   auto fibonacci = [&tp](unsigned int n) {
      auto fib_impl = [&tp](unsigned int n, auto& fib) {
	 if (n <= 1) {
	    return mt::submit(tp, {}, [n]() {
	       return n;
	 auto sum1 = fib(n-1, fib);
	 auto sum2 = fib(n-2, fib);
	 return mt::submit(tp, {sum1, sum2}, [=]() {
	    return sum1->get_value() + sum2->get_value();
      return fib_impl(n, fib_impl)->get_value();
   int result = fibonacci(10);

Task groups allow to synchronize with the completion of an arbitrary number of individual tasks. This is particularly convenient for tasks that do not return a value. Just create a task group object of type mt::task_group which needs a reference to a thread pool and submit tasks to the task group. The destructor of the task group will wait until all tasks are finished which were submitted to the task group. Following example demonstrates this for a parallelized quicksort implementation:

#include <algorithm>
#include <functional>
#include <iterator>
#include <utility>
#include <task.hpp>
#include <thread_pool.hpp>

namespace pqsort_impl {
   template<typename RandomIt, typename Compare>
   auto partition(RandomIt begin, RandomIt end, Compare cmp) {
      /* using Hoare partitioning */
      auto len = std::distance(begin, end);
      auto pivot = *(std::next(begin, len/2));
      auto it1 = begin;
      auto it2 = std::next(begin, len-1);
      for(;;) {
	 while (cmp(*it1, pivot)) {
	 while (cmp(pivot, *it2)) {
	 if (it1 >= it2) {
	    return it1;
	 std::iter_swap(it1, it2);

   template<typename RandomIt, typename Compare>
   void sort(mt::task_group& tg, RandomIt begin, RandomIt end, Compare cmp) {
      if (std::distance(begin, end) > 1) {
	 auto p = tg.submit({}, [=]() {
	    /* avoid argument-dependent lookup of partition,
	       otherwise we might conflict with std::partition */
	    return ::pqsort_impl::partition(begin, end, cmp);
	 tg.submit({p}, [=,&tg]() {
	    sort(tg, begin, p->get_value(), cmp);
	 tg.submit({p}, [=,&tg]() {
	    sort(tg, p->get_value(), end, cmp);
} // namespace pqsort_impl

template<typename RandomIt, typename Compare = std::less<>>
void pqsort(mt::thread_pool& tp,
      RandomIt begin, RandomIt end, Compare cmp = Compare{}) {
   mt::task_group tg(tp);
   pqsort_impl::sort(tg, begin, end, cmp);

In this example, pqsort will not return until all tasks submitted to tg are completed.


This package is available under the terms of the MIT License.


To use this package, you will need to drop the header files thread_pool.hpp and task.hpp

within your project and #include it.

The source file test_suite.cpp is an associated test suite and the Makefile helps to compile it.


If you want to clone this project, you should do this recursively:

git clone --recursive

You will need a compiler with support for C++17.


header-only package that provides tasks with dependencies whose submission to a thread pool is postponed until all dependencies are resolved







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