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Example of Sibling/Nested component communication in elm.

The example tries to implement the accepted answer of this StackOverflow question

Please create issues with any feedback or leave comments in the SO question.

Working example:


  • I have one parent component with two children. With the Elm Architecture, how can I update the right child when any of the counters in the left child change? Avoid the parent component to know about the internals of the children since it is not scalable.

Proposed solution:

  • Each component will provide functions to access the data the parent needs and also expose Msg to update nested data. In this way, the parent component only need to know about the exposed functions and Msg of the direct child.

Key parts of the implementation

Counter.elm exposes getNum function to return the value of the counter without knowing the internal structure and a new SetNum Msg to update it:

type Msg
    = Increment
    | Decrement
    | SetNum Int


getNum : Model -> Int
getNum model =

Pair.elm also exposes a function to return the red number:

getRedNum : Model -> Int
getRedNum model =
    Counter.getNum model.redCounter

and a new update Msg that is propagated to the update function of the Counter.

type Msg
    = PairRed Counter.Msg
    | PairGreen Counter.Msg
    | UpdateRed Int

update : Msg -> Model -> Model
update msg model =
    case msg of
        UpdateRed value ->
            { model | redCounter = Counter.update (Counter.SetNum value) model.redCounter }

Main.elm orchestrates the whole thing. Whenever a counter changes, it updates the other counter and the totals without knowing the internal structure of neither of them:

Pair1 subMsg ->
        pair1 =
            Pair.update subMsg model.pair1

        totals =
            Totals.update (Totals.UpdateRed <| Pair.getRedNum pair1) model.totals

        pair2 =
            Pair.update (Pair.UpdateRed <| Pair.getRedNum pair1) model.pair2
        Model pair1 pair2 totals

Running the example

To run it, simply do:

git clone
cd elm-nested-component-communication

go to http://localhost:8000/src/Main.elm

Thanks to rofrol for all the corrections made to this example.