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SSL example fails with parse exception #56

patrickt opened this Issue · 6 comments

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Checking out the source and loading the SSL test file fails with "not enough bytes".

cabal repl
Network.Http.Client> :l tests/SecureSocketsSnippet.hs
Snippet> main
Exception: Parse exception: not enough bytes

I am running the Haskell Platform on 32-bit OS X using GHC 7.6.3.


I get the same thing on windows.


Replicated on GHC 7.8


For what it's worth,

 λ> get "" debugHandler

works. So I'm not immediately clear what's up with that test snippet.



Seeing this in the Snap test suite also.


@gregorycollins oh, that's not cool. I'll try and have another go at finding this.


After doing some digging here: I'm not sure I'm hitting the same error in the snap test suite (we send proper responses there) but the reason the check code is failing is that the github api server is sending headers/status lines delimited by LF only rather than CR+LF.

@afcowie afcowie added this to the 0.8.1 milestone
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