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eleanor is a python package to extract target pixel files from TESS Full Frame Images and produce systematics-corrected light curves for any star observed by the TESS mission. In its simplest form, eleanor takes a TIC ID, a Gaia source ID, or (RA, Dec) coordinates of a star observed by TESS and returns, as a single object, a light curve and accompanying target pixel data.

To install eleanor with pip:

    pip install eleanor

Alternatively you can install the current development version of eleanor:

    git clone
    cd eleanor
    python install

For more information on how to install and use eleanor, please refer to the documentation.

If your work uses eleanor, please cite Feinstein et al. 2019. If your work uses eleanor in Sectors 14-Present, we are using TessCut behind the scenes, also cite Brasseur et al. 2019.