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a little Python script to clean up some solar wind data
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This is a small Python script to clean up the ACE SWICS solar wind data set, available here (or in this repo):

A good friend of mine, Robert Alexander, is a composer that I have collaborated with as a dancer and choreographer (in my other life).  He was hired by the Solar and Heliospheric Research Group at University of Michigan to "sonify" - or, to create a musical score directly derived from - this dataset.  He wanted the data to appear continuous, to make his parsing in Max/MSP easier.  Learn more and see/hear the score here:

The dataset is a tab-delimited file of solar wind measurements, with some missing values.  The script takes in the data file and computes a simple average between the previous and following measurements.

Simply run "python <file1> <file2> ...", and "<file1>-clean.csv", "<file2>-clean.csv", etc. will be created.
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