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HTTP proxy that enables cross-domain requests to any JSON API. See for documentation. See the releases page for the client library changelog.


Code is written in a combination of JavaScript and TypeScript. The app is written to be deployed to a CloudFlare Worker using Terraform, but can be run locally by doing the following:

  1. Install NodeJS >= 7.6.0.

  2. Install the dependencies.

    npm install
  3. Run the server.

    npm start

See CONTRIBUTING for more info.


  1. Install NodeJS >= 7.6.0 and Terraform.

  2. Install the dependencies.

    npm install
  3. Set up CloudFlare.

    1. Sign up for CloudFlare, and ensure you have a domain pointed there for DNS.
    2. Get a CloudFlare API key.
    3. Go into the terraform/ directory.
    cd terraform
    1. Create a terraform/terraform.tfvars file.
    cloudflare_email = "..."
    cloudflare_token = "..."
  4. Create a Terraform Cloud account.

  5. Set up Terraform.

    terraform init
  6. Deploy the environment.

    cd ..
    npm run deploy

If you use the client library with your own JSONP deployment, override the proxy URL before calling $.jsonp().

$.jsonp.PROXY = '';

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