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A simple JSON proxy
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Simple HTTP proxy that enables cross-domain requests to any JSON API. See for documentation. See the releases page for the client library changelog.



See .travis.yml for compatible Node versions.

npm install
npm start

and do requests to http://localhost:8000/?url=.... To enable New Relic, ensure that the NEW_RELIC_LICENSE_KEY environment variable is set.



This is how JSONProxy is deployed to production, so running locally with this setup will be more realistic.


  1. If you don't have Docker set up already, follow their Get Started instructions.
  2. Start a Docker Quickstart Terminal.
  3. Run touch .env.
    • If you are adding a New Relic License Key, add as NEW_RELIC_LICENSE_KEY=... in that file.
  4. Start the server with docker-compose up.
    • If you make a change and need to re-build, just press CTRL-c and run again.
  5. Open in the browser by running open http://$(docker-machine ip default).


  1. Set up a docker-machine with a name of do3. uses Digital Ocean, set up with these instructions.

    docker-machine create --driver digitalocean --digitalocean-access-token TOKEN --engine-opt log-opt="max-size=50m" --engine-opt log-opt="max-file=100" do3
  2. Run:


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