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afeld commented Dec 20, 2014 edited

The app keeps hitting the Rekognition API quota, and doing detection in a library would make the responses happen much faster. Suggested libraries (based on a couple hours of research):

will keep adding to this list

afeld commented Nov 15, 2015

Using Docker might make installation a lot easier:

afeld commented Jun 5, 2016 edited

I haven't! Would happily accept a pull request for anything. [Edit: Previous comment was deleted...?]


maybe you can use this:

I know it not ruby but maybe reconding in nodejs would lead to a faster application

afeld commented Jul 30, 2016

Most of the actual detection code for the libraries above is in C/C++, but I'm open to anything at this point!

Note that any new detection code would be added to


@afeld I've been working on a small node.js face detection app and have a docker container built if you think it might be of use.

darkyen commented Jan 25, 2017

Faced looks really promising and since its using OpenCV this should be incredibly fast :D

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