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Supersized jQuery Plugin

Documentation can be found on the official project page: http://www.buildinternet.com/project/supersized/

*** Changelog ***

3/15/11 - 3.1.3 Update (All editions)

*Added fix for images on IE failing to resize when loaded (update supersized.3.1.x.js)

3/11/11 - Supersized 3.1.2 Updates (All editions)

*Added option for random slide order
*Updated min_height and min_width performance

3/5/11 - Supersized 3.1.1 and Supersized Flickr 1.1 Updates and Fixes

*Smoother slide transitions (no longer uses the slide function)
*Files "effects.core.min.js" and "effects.slide.min.js" are no longer required
*Fixed overlapping images when sliding
*Fixed image resizing for slideshows with only 1 image
*Path for navigation button images is now defined in options
*Added option for basic JS image protection against right click/dragging
*Random start slides now possible in Slideshows (0 is random)
*Updated default #supersized-loader CSS and animated GIF to work better on light and dark backgrounds

2/27/11 - Updates to project page and licenses

*Supersized 3.1 is licensed under either the MIT or GPL License
*Demos and documentation can now be found at the project page (http://buildinternet.com/project/supersized)

2/26/11 - Supersized 3.1 and Supersized Flickr 1.0 Released

*Complete rewrite of the Supersized script
*Added image rendering for faster transition speeds on FF and IE
*Dynamic image handling (no longer relies on predefined ratios)
*Unobtrusive backgrounds - you no longer need to wrap your content in a special div.
*Many options added, including fit to screen, keyboard navigation, transition speed, and more.
*Created seperate script specifically for Flickr - can pull by user, set, or group.
*API Key is needed to use Supersized Flickr (http://www.flickr.com/services/apps/create/)

Expect updates to the project page, demos, and a corresponding announcement post on Build Internet.

**If you are upgrading from a previous version, the structure has changed - I will post how to go about this when I do the corresponding post.

2/11/11 - Supersized Core files updated with reduced code, cleaner file structure, and dynamic image proportions.