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Automations scripts for Junos - Ansible playbooks & roles + templates of config
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sample config

Hackathon Juniper Automation

Theses ansible playbooks will provision a network with ISIS/MPLS and EVPN

"ansible-playbook pb_armageddon.yml" : remove all the configuration from the routers
"ansible-playbook playbooks/pb_deploy.yml" : configure all the setup
"ansible-playbook playbooks/pb_checkall.yml" : check interface status, ISIS adjacency, BGP sessions states and routes.

Whole presentation of the hackathon :

  • ansible-lab/slides.pdf

Network topology


addressing :  Backbone
10.X.Y.Z Loopback
X = 1 → P router, X = 2 → PE router
Y = 1 → first router, Y = 2 → second router
Z = 1

router     mgnt/inet 



administrator@server-2:~$ grep export .profile
export PYTHONSTARTUP=/home/administrator/.pythonrc

git clone ~/.vim/

sudo ansible-galaxy install Juniper.junos

modules of Juniper.junos are in /etc/ansible/roles/Juniper.junos/library

Basic Ansible knowledge:

hosts                # hosts and groups association (inventory)
playbooks/bp_*       # playbook that makes what yu want
host_vars/           # directory with hosts variables one file/folder per host
group_vars/          # directory with groups variables one file/folder per group
roles/               # directory with the roles

the task is an action done by a module
a module make the action (file copy, template rendering, applying a command...)
a role allow to group tasks and files to reuse them in several playbooks
a play is a set of tasks/roles applied to a group of hosts
a playbook is a set of plays

You can find in a role:

roles/$ROLE/tasks/main.yml : action to run
roles/$ROLE/files/* : file to be copied on the host
roles/$ROLE/templates/* : templates to render
roles/$ROLE/meta/main.yml : list of other roles to run
roles/$ROLE/handler/main.yml : to run via "notify"

Create a role from scratch :

cd ansible-lab/roles
ansible-galaxy init $ROLE


regular execution : ansible-playbook playbook.yml

run a playbook with arguments : ansible-playbook playbook.yml -e "arg1=foo port=['80']

list of available variables : ansible -m setup hostname/group

Run a command on all hosts (can be set to a group) : ansible all -a "/bin/echo hello"

make a dry run of playbook and show difference without commiting : ansible-playbook pb_deploy.yml --diff --check

run task with only the specific tag and show difference (if any) : ansible-playbook pb_deploy.yml --diff --tags "templating"

Python / pyEz


pip install junos-eznc


you will find some scripts in :

  • PyEZ/ : used to run a command on equipement listed in sw_list.yml : used deploy the junos.conf configuration on equipement listed in sw_list.yml
junos.conf : the configuration to deploy (in "display set" format)
sw_list.yml : list of equipement to configure

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