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PhFGimp is a set of plug-ins that allow to invoke the PhotoFlow editor directly from GIMP.

The file-photoflow plug-in calls the PhotoFlow editor to process RAW files opened with GIMP.

The phf_gimp plug-in calls PhotoFlow to non-destructively edit GIMP layer data.

Compilation and installation

  • install the GIMP development files (from sources or via your preferred package manager)

    The PhFGimp plug-ins are only compatible with GIMP version 2.9.x or higher.

  • clone the git repository:

    git clone

  • create the build directory:

    cd PhFGimp mkdir -p build cd build

  • configure, build and install the plug-ins:



    make install (or sudo make install depending on the location of the GIMP plug-ins folder)

Installing PhotoFlow

In order to use the PhFGimp plug-ins, you also need to install the latest version of the PhotoFlow editor from here.

The photoflow executable is searched in different locations depending on the operating system:

  • under Linux, it is searched in the folders included in the PATH environment variable
  • under OSX, the plug-ins will use the /Applications/ executable if available
  • under Windows, the plug-ins will use the %USERPROFILE%\photoflow\bin\photoflow.exe executable if available

This choices can be overridden by setting the PHOTOFLOW_PATH environment variable to the full path of the PhotoFlow executable.