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@aferrero2707 aferrero2707 released this Nov 3, 2015 · 894 commits to master since this release

Installation instructions

Ubuntu Linux:
Updated packages are available from the "Highly Explosive" PPA:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:dhor/myway
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install photoflow

If you are not afraid to use a potentially more unstable version, you can install the nightly builds of the stable development branch:

sudo apt-get remove photoflow
sudo apt-get install photoflow-git

Arch Linux:

PhotoFlow build recipes are available from AUR:

If you are not afraid to use a potentially more unstable version, you can choose to compile from the stable development branch instead:

Slackware Linux:

SlackBuilds for PhotoFlow and VIPS are available from here:

Fedora Linux:

To install PhotoFlow, just execute the following commands as root:

dnf copr enable oleastre/PhotoFlow
dnf install photoflow

open the file and drag the PhotoFlow icon into the Applications folder

Unpack the photoflow-0.2.4-setup.zippackage and run the installer. If you have a previous version, it is recommended to uninstall it before running the installer.


Bug fixes:

  • The tools reset button now works also with curves
  • The target channel selector has been removed from tools that do not correctly implement this feature
  • Impulse noise reduction tool: fixed memory leak
  • Fixed crashes on some Xfce-based systems
  • Perspective correction tool: initial region set to rectangle (therefore no correction is initially applied)
  • Curves tool: sampling of curve points is now associated to Ctrl+Alt+left_click mouse gesture. For this to work, the curves tool has to be set in "editing" mode
  • Clone stamp tool: the sampling region is now selected by a Ctrl+Alt+left_click in the preview area.
  • Image preview: fixed possible memory corruption when drawing vertical lines on top of the preview image
  • Improved compatibility with GTK3. GTKMM3 support can now be activated via -DUSE_GTKMM3=1 cmake option.
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