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Installation instructions

All Linux flavours:
Download the photoflow-0.2.8.glibc2.14-x86_64.AppImage package, make the file executable, and directly launch the application by either executing the AppImage from the command line or double-clicking on it in your preferred file manager.

Ubuntu Linux:
Updated packages are available from two PPAs.

  • The "Highly Explosive" PPA:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:dhor/myway
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install photoflow

If you are not afraid to use a potentially more unstable version, you can install the nightly builds of the stable development branch:

sudo apt-get remove photoflow
sudo apt-get install photoflow-git

Arch Linux:

PhotoFlow build recipes are available from AUR:

If you are not afraid to use a potentially more unstable version, you can choose to compile from the stable development branch instead:

Slackware Linux:

SlackBuilds for PhotoFlow and VIPS are available from here:

Fedora Linux:

To install PhotoFlow, just execute the following commands as root:

dnf copr enable oleastre/PhotoFlow
dnf install photoflow

open the photoflow-0.2.8.app.dmg file and drag the PhotoFlow icon into the Applications folder

Unpack the photoflow-0.2.8.zip package and run the photoflow.exe command from the bin sub-folder.


New features:

  • [raw processing] added fallback RAW decoding based on RawTherapee code.
    Used for example for opening floating-point DNGs not supported by RawSpeed
  • [film CLUTs] added support for reading bundled gmic_film_cluts.gmz file
  • [plugin] moved GIMP plugin to external project
  • Added optional support for sidecar files.
    When exporting an image to TIFF or Jpeg format,
    the editing configuration is saved into a file named .tif.pfi or .jpg.pfi.
    Also, when opening an image named image.ext, the program looks for a sidecar
    file named image.pfi or image.ext.pfi (in this order) in the same folder.
    If a sidecar .pfi file is found it is opened instead of image.ext.
    The sidecar files functionality is disabled by default, and can be enabled
    via the settings dialog.


  • Re-worked the UI layout, now with a single left panel showing both the layers tree and
    the controls for the active tool. Masks editing is now also performed in the same panel.
  • Various improvements and polishing of widgets layout
  • Removed dependency on GExiv2. Code now only depends on Exiv2. A bundled 0.2.6 version is used if
    not found on the system.
  • [tools/raw processing] reduced memory usage during RAW image loading
  • [tools/raw processing] RAW decoding updated to current RawSpeed/DT git version (as of 2017-05-25)
  • [tools/raw processing] added support for per-cahnnel black levels
  • [tools/lens corrections] completed optical corrections support, now also included in the RAW processing module
  • [tools/lens corrections] added support for fixed-lens camera (from Darktable)
  • [tools/crop] added top/left handles and fixed handling of image boundaries
  • [gui] replaced GTK idle callbacks with Glib::Dispatcher signals, and improved thread-safety
  • [gui] added expander for grouping additional tool controls, like horizontal/vertical shifts
  • [gui] added more keyboard shortcuts (layer copy/cut/paste/deletion)
  • [gui] using vips_resize() for fit-to-screen scaling
  • [batch] enable outputting of .PFI files
  • [build] moved GMIC code into a separate static library, to speed up parallel compilation

Bug fixes:

  • [base] fixed threading of cache buffers for VIPS versions 8.4.*
  • [tools/raw processing] fixed issue with SPOT WB when output is gamma-encoded
  • [tools/raw processing] fixed spot WB when output image is in Lab colorspace
  • [tools/shadows-highlights] Fixed processing of highlights
  • [tools/clone-stamp] fixed various bugs leading to unpredictable crashes
  • [tools/uniform fill] fixed initialisation of color selector button in UI
  • [tools/lens corrections] fixed crash due to un-initialised pointers when camera/lens not found