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The GIMP AppImage is built on CentOS 7, using a custom Docker container that provides all the required up-to-date dependencies.

The compilation of the BABL/GEGL/GIMP code under Docker is performed by the shell script, while the AppImage bundle is created and packaged by the script.

A second step in the build process compiles a set of useful plug-ins (, which are then bundled into an additional, full-featured AppImage package.

The whole build process is automated with Travis CI, using this configuration file. A cron job is scheduled to run on a weekly basis and builds the git HEAD version of BABL/GEGL/GIMP. The updated AppImage package is automatically uploaded to the continuous release page.

Included GIMP plug-ins

The full-featured AppImages package comes with few useful plug-ins:


The AppImage uses a modified version of the exec-wrapper originally available from here:

It allows GIMP to spawn external commands with the original shell environment instead of the one proper to the AppImage itself.