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visualize metrics from your factorio game in grafana
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visualize metrics from your factorio game in grafana

What is this?

grafana is an open-source project for rendering time-series metrics. by using graftorio, you can create a dashboard with various charts monitoring aspects of your factorio factory. this dashboard is viewed using a web browser outside of the game client. (works great in a 2nd monitor!)

in order to use graftorio, you need to run the grafana software and a database called prometheus locally. graftorio automates this process using docker, or you can set these up by hand.


  1. download the latest release, and extract it into the location you want to host the local database
  2. install docker
    • if using windows, you will need to be running Windows 10 Pro
  3. if using macOS or Linux, open the extracted docker-compose.yml in a text editor and uncomment the correct path to your factorio install
  4. using a terminal, run docker-compose up inside the extracted directory
  5. load localhost:3000 in a browser, you should see the grafana login screen
  6. login with admin:admin and create a prometheus data source using the exact string http://prometheus:9090 as its address, and 10s as the scrape interval. (don't forget the 's')
  7. launch factorio
  8. install the "graftorio" mod via the mods menu
  9. load up your game, and see your statistics in the grafana dashboard



to see if factorio is generating stats, confirm a game.prom file exists at the configured exporter volume directory. when opened, it should look something like this:

# HELP factorio_item_production_input items produced
# TYPE factorio_item_production_input gauge
factorio_item_production_input{force="player",name="burner-mining-drill"} 3
factorio_item_production_input{force="player",name="iron-chest"} 1


to see if prometheus is scraping the data, load localhost:9090/targets in a browser and confirm that the status is "UP"


to see if the grafana data source can read correctly, start a new dashboard and add a graph with the query factorio_item_production_input. the graph should render the total of every item produced in your game.

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