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A Coq formalization of information theory and linear error-correcting codes
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The preferred way to install infotheo is with opam because it takes care of the dependencies with other libraries. If not already done, add the repository for Coq libraries to opam and update:

  1. opam repo add coq-released
  2. opam update

Last stable version:

Version 0.0.4:

  1. opam install coq-infotheo


All versions available from opam.

Development version (git master):

With Coq 8.10.

  1. git clone
  2. cd infotheo

If opam is installed, do:

  1. opam install .

If opam is not installed but if the requirements are met, do:

  1. coq_makefile -f _CoqProject -o Makefile
  2. make
  3. make install

About Windows 10

Installation of infotheo on Windows is less simple. See this page for instructions to install MathComp on Windows 10 (or this page for instructions in Japanese). Once MathComp is install, two options:

  1. You have installed MathComp with opam. Then do:
    • opam install coq-infotheo or git clone; opam install .
  2. You have installed MathComp using unzip, untar, cd, make, make install. Then do:
    • Install MathComp-Analysis using unzip, untar, cd, make, make install
      1. Install bigenough 1.0.0 (download)
      2. Install finmap 1.2.1 (download)
      3. Install analysis 0.2.2 (download)
    • Install infotheo using coq_makefile, make, make install as explained above




See infotheo_authors.txt


There are a few papers available here that provide explanations and references.

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