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IMPORTANT : This package is deprecated in favour of Please use bobtemplates now.


The package templer.affinitic allow to create new packages the simpliest possible and corresponding to Affinitic needs.

Available templates

Affinitic templer templates :

  • affinitic_basic_plone_buildout : A basic Plone buildout skeleton
  • affinitic_diazo_theme : A basic Diazo theme package skeleton (with buildout)


To use this product, you need to clone and install his buildout:

cd buildouts git clone cd templer.affinitic virtualenv -p python2.6 --no-site-packages . bin/python bin/buildout

Now that the templer.affinitic tool is installed, the script allowing you to create new package is:


Do not hesitate to make an alias of the script to use it easily use it anywhere on your computer.

Script usage

The script needs a template as argument, the list of available templates is showed when launching the script without argument or with '--list'

bin/templer bin/templer --list

This will show:


affinitic_basic_plone_buildout: A basic Plone buildout skeleton affinitic_diazo_theme: A basic Diazo theme package skeleton

... and some other zope/plone templates. We are of course interested by the Affinitic's ones.

To finally create a new package, you first need to be in the folder where you want the package to be created:

cd buildouts

And to execute the script with the desired template:

../templer.affinitic/bin/templer affinitic_diazo_theme

You can also pass the name of the project in the arguments:

../templer.affinitic/bin/templer affinitic_diazo_theme my.package

Next, just answer the questions. They are the most simplified with good default answers:

Enter project name: my.package Namespace Package Name (Name of outer namespace package) ['my']: Package Name (Name of the inner namespace package) ['package']: Web hosting service (If public, choose github. If private, choose bitbucket (github/bitbucket)) ['github']: Description (One-line description of the project) ['']: Description de mon package Project URL (URL of the homepage for this project) ['']: Zope port (Specify a port for your zope) ['8080']: Creating directory ./my.package

For example, this template will create a plone with a diazo and it buildout.

There is still some issues, you can follow them in the github issues of the package.


This package was developed by Affinitic team.

Affinitic website

templer.affinitic is licensed under GNU General Public License, version 2.


Affinitic templer templates - THIS PACKAGE IS DEPRECATED






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