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AFIDS: macaca


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Project Phases

  • PHASE1: afids-macaca template validation
  • PHASE2: afids single-subject validation
  • PHASE3: afids for evaluating subject-to-template registration (RheMAP and animal-warper)
  • PHASE4: afids for evaluating template-to-template registration (RheMAP and animal-warper)

Afids validator at:


Open Datasets and Resources

  • macaque_25_model_MNI: download, ref
    • M. Mallar Chakravarty, Stephen Frey, and D. Louis Collins. ‘Digital atlas of the monkey brain in stereotactic co-ordinates’ in The Rhesus Monkey Brain In Stereotactic Coordinates, G Paxinos, XF Huang, M Petrides, AW Toga. Elsevier, March 2008.
    • Stephen Frey, Deepak N. Pandya, M. Mallar Chakravarty, Michael Petrides, D. Louis Collins. ‘MNI monkey space’, Neuroscience Research, Volume 65, Supplement 1, pg S130, 2009.
    • Stephen Frey, Deepak N. Pandya, M. Mallar Chakravarty, Lara Bailey, Michael Petrides, D. Louis Collins. ‘An MRI based average macaque monkey stereotaxic atlas and space (MNI monkey space)’, NeuroImage (2011),


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