Collecting data on all user groups and conferences to be used by anyone.
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Community Data

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The goal is simple: collect all data about technology events, current and historical for anyone to use in their applications, in order to make a stronger developer community.

Feel free to add your own record for your conference or user group, fix erroneous data or add additional fields.

User Groups

The file /data/user-groups.json lists all user groups. Leave "last_meetup" blank if still active.

Tip: add your entry to the top of file to avoid merge conflicts.

Required Fields: key (unique), name, first_event, tags (allowable tag values).

    "key": "example",
    "name": "Full user group name",
    "tags": ["php", "js"],
    "first_event": "yyyy-mm-dd",
    "last_event": "yyyy-mm-dd", 
    "locations": [
            "name": "City, State (if applies), Country",
            "first_meetup": "yyyy-mm-dd",
            "last_meetup": "yyyy-mm-dd"
    "website": "",
    "twitter": "@twitter_handle",
    "calendar_feed": ""


The files under /data/conferences list the various conferences. Each file contains the list of events associated with that conference.

Required Fields: name, first_event, tags (allowable tag values).

    "name": "Full conference name",
    "website": "",
    "languages": ["en"],
    "twitter": "@twitter_handle",
    "facebook": "",
    "code_of_conduct": "",
    "accessibility": "",
    "diversity_tickets": "",
    "tags": ["ruby"],
    "first_event": "yyyy-mm-dd",
    "is_active": true,
    "speaker_kit": {
        "ticket_included": true,
        "hotel_included": true,
        "travel_included": true
    "events": [
            "name": "Name of specific edition",
            "location": {
                "name": "City, State (if applies), Country"
            "event_start": "yyyy-mm-dd",
            "event_end": "yyyy-mm-dd",
            "cfp_start": "yyyy-mm-dd",
            "cfp_end": "yyyy-mm-dd",
            "cfp_url": "",
            "session_feed": "",
            "speaker_feed": "",
            "hashtag": "#hashtag",
            "youtube": "",
            "organizers": [
                    "name": "Organizer Name",
                    "twitter": "@twitter_handle"


Known applications that use this data: