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immaterial labour isn't working
ow-thesis @ b6ec2a8
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ow—note from Post-Fordism and Its Discontents.txt
ow—note on git and github.txt
ow—note on post-fordism.txt
ow—note on what is work.txt
ow—notes for interview with Federico Campagna.txt
ow—project caption.txt
ow—projects refs.txt
ow—questions for interview with Federico Campagna.txt
ow—thesis (final).txt
ow—thesis chapter #0 (version 1, draft).txt
ow—thesis chapter #0 (version 1, final).txt
ow—thesis chapter #0 (version 2, draft).txt
ow—thesis chapter #1, user (draft).txt
ow—thesis chapter #1, user (final).txt
ow—thesis chapter #2, platform (draft).txt
ow—thesis chapter #2, platform (final).txt
ow—thesis chapter #3, conclusion (draft).txt
ow—thesis outline.txt
ow—toward a foundation.txt
ow—userface workshop.txt