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AFTrack resource

This is just a try to make it easier to get languages files translated.

res/values/strings.xml is the main file 

res/values-de/strings.xml is the German translation (finished)

res/values-it/strings.xml is the Italian translation (finished)

res/values-ru/strings.xml is the Russian translation (only partly, not part of AFTrack at the moment)

If you like to add your own translation please create a fork to your account

With git start to clone this files to your local machine

$ git clone 

To add a language to this system please add a folder e.g res/values-fr and copy the default string.xml (folder 'values') into this new folder And start the translation

Later on add it to the git repository

$ git status
$ git add .
$ git status

Commit your work

$ git commit -m 'add fr to resource'

And bring it back to the git server

$ git push origin master

When you are ready with changes please open a pull request in your repository to inform me.

Git: Pull new updates from original GitHub repository into forked GitHub repository

You could also send me a mail with a string.xml file

Thanks for all

Homepage to get more info about AFTrack

Sailing Page to get more info about AFTrack and sailing/


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