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BRouter profiles for OSM waterway
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AFTrack working with BRouter

This is based on the work of the BRouter project. Please see Git and Google Play or F-Droid for installation.

There are some files for use:

  • waterway.brf . works with standard lookup table and standard data files
  • waterway_mod.brf . works with lookup_mod table and standard data files
  • waterway_future.brf . needs new data files and new lookup table, work with CEMT definitions (use segement4 sample data - no srtm, NL only)
  • waterway_future_more.brf . contains some extra ideas

After installation copy the files waterway.brf to the brouter/profiles2 folder. This works with the standard lookups.dat tag table. To get some more option you need to copy lookups_mod.dat and waterway_mod.brf and rename lookups.dat.

Then start BRouter as server. You are asked for a routing script selection, select waterway. BRouter supports at this moment only foot, bicycle and motorcar. So please check the motorcar_short and motorcar_fast or one of them. AFTrack will use this entry to BRouter.

BRouter check

When you are looking for smaller boats like canoe please use the river_canoe.brf. This is a copy of Git.

river.brf is a template from BRouter project for own experiments.

To use all this inside AFTrack, do a long press on the map and select the ruler. It offers you two point to define start and end of a route. You can add points at the active point when you touch the second ring. Then select the routing mode and press the search button.

Routing result

Routing result 3 points

AFTrack Homepage to get more info about AFTrack

AFTrack Sailing Page to get more info about AFTrack and sailing

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