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# shift+g = fetch new email
bind index "G" imap-fetch-mail
# enable threads
set sort=threads
# enable caching
#set header_cache="~/.mutt/header_cache"
#set message_cachedir="~/.mutt/message_cache"
# old unread messages
color index green default "~O"
# new unread messages
color index brightgreen default "~N"
# messages to me
color index cyan default "~p"
color index brightcyan default "~p~O"
color index brightcyan default "~p~N"
# messages from me
color index yellow default "~P"
# tagged messages
color index red default "~T"
# messages about to be deleted
color index brightyellow default "~D"
# message displaying settings
color hdrdefault green default
color header brightgreen default ^Subject:
color quoted cyan default
color signature red default
# text/html and images support
set mailcap_path=~/.mutt/mailcap
auto_view text/html
alternative_order text/plain text/html
macro attach 'V' "<pipe-entry>cat >~/temp/email.html && chromium ~/temp/email.html<enter>"
macro attach 'I' "<pipe-entry>cat >~/temp/image.tmp && gpicview ~/temp/image.tmp<enter>"
macro pager \cb <pipe-entry>'urlscan -c'<enter> 'Follow links with urlscan'
# scroll index line by line instead of page by page
set menu_scroll
# scroll message line by line using arraws
bind pager <up> previous-line
bind pager <down> next-line
# smart word-wrap
set smart_wrap
# disable artifitial pauses
set sleep_time = 0
# enable GPG encryption
set crypt_use_gpgme=yes
set crypt_autosign=yes
set crypt_replyencrypt=yes
message-hook '!(~g|~G) ~b"^-----BEGIN\ PGP\ (SIGNED\ )?MESSAGE"' "exec check-traditional-pgp"
# default account
source ~/.mutt/eaxme
# switching between accounts
# macro index <f2> '<sync-mailbox><enter-command>source ~/.mutt/eaxme<enter><change-folder>!<enter>'
# macro index <f3> '<sync-mailbox><enter-command>source ~/.mutt/devzen<enter><change-folder>!<enter>'
# macro index <f4> '<sync-mailbox><enter-command>source ~/.mutt/pgpro<enter><change-folder>!<enter>'
# emulate trash folder (for some reason doesn't work in Trash folder as expected)
# folder-hook . 'macro index d "<save-message>=Trash<enter>"'
# folder-hook =Trash 'macro index d <delete-message>'
# address book
source ~/.mutt/contacts
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