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A few scripts related to PostgreSQL development
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A few scripts related to PostgreSQL development. Originally based on Stas Kelvich's code.

  • - runs configure with some common flags, then runs make and make check. Code is compiled with -O0. $PGINSTALL is used as a --prefix.
  • - same as, but Clang is used instead of GCC.
  • - same as, but make check-world is executed intead of make check.
  • - installs PostgreSQL to $PGINSTALL and runs it with custom postgresql.conf.
  • - same as but configures streaming replication as well.
  • - terminates all processes related to PostgreSQL.
  • - genereates a code coverage report.
  • - runs Clang Static Analyzer.
  • - starts PostgreSQL under Valgrind.

Used environment variables:

  • $PGINSTALL - where to install PostgreSQL.
  • $PATH - don't forget to add $PGINSTALL/bin here.
  • $TMPDIR - a directory for saving temporary files.

Typical usage:

make installcheck-world

Note: make installcheck or make installcheck-world don't pass if there is a replication configured with master and replica on the same machine. This is a known issue. Thus if you want to run make installcheck use ./ instead of ./

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