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MD Minify

Markdown Minification

command line tool and requirable module

npm install md-minify -g

alt "Markdown Minify"


  • Wanted to convert markdown to a string
  • Wanted to be able to inject markdown into json config files as a property.


There are two ways to use mdm. You can install it globally and use it from the command line, or you can require it in your project.

#####From the command line:

You can use the mdm command on a markdown file and it will output the results to the console:


Pipe the results to a file:

mdm > example-readme.txt

If you include a json file as a second argument it will add a property of "readme":

mdm example-json.json

#####Example usage in your project:

var express = require('express'),
    mdm = require('md-minify'); + "/")
      var readme = mdm.parse(content);
      // do something with content
      // add to config file
      // or save to db
      // do something with error



read is a wrapper around [q-io/fs read], it takes a markdown file and reads its entire contents into memory. It returns a promise for the whole file contents.

return + '/')
.then(function (content) {
    // ...

parse(Buffer) & parseEsc(Buffer)

parse replaces line returns with \r\n and returns string.

var parsedContent = mdm.parse(content);

parseEsc escapes line returns (\\r\\n) and returns string.

var parsedEscContent = mdm.parseEsc(content);

saveConfig(Path, String)

saveConfig takes a path to a config file and the parsed content, and adds a readme property to the config file. It returns a promise for the whole file contents.

return mdm.saveConfig(__dirname + '/example-json.json', configData)
.then(function (content) {
    // ...

compare([String|Object], Object)

compare an object or JSON.parsable string against another object. It returns true or false.[String|Object], Object)
// returns true or false