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Bitcoin status bar for editor
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Bitcoin Status Bar

Display bitcoin conversion in Atom status bar.

Bitcoin Status Bar ScreenShot


  1. Go to Atom -> Preferences...
  2. Then select the Packages tab
  3. Enter bitcoin-status-bar in the search box

Using apm

$ apm install bitcoin-status-bar

Install using Git

Alternatively, if you are a git user, you can install the package and keep up to date by cloning the repo directly into your ~/.atom/packages directory.

$ git clone ~/.atom/packages/bitcoin-status-bar

Download Manually

  1. Download the files using the GitHub .zip download option and unzip them
  2. Move the bitcoin-status-bar folder to ~/.atom/packages


Display your local bitcoin rate in your status bar.

Plugin settings page

To access the Bitcoin Status Bar Settings:

  1. Go to Atom -> Preferences... or cmd-,
  2. In the Filter Packages type bitcoin-status-bar


Bitcoin Status Bar has 5 settings that can be edited:

  1. Code | default:USD
  2. Currency | default:on
  3. Display | default: left
  4. Icon | default:atom://bitcoin-status-bar/styles/bitcoin.svg
  5. Refresh | default: 61 (if zero minutes only refreshes when open/close windows or trigger refresh)


The following commands are available and are keyboard shortcuts.

  • bitcoin-status-bar:toggle - Toggle - ctrl-alt-b ctrl-alt-b
  • bitcoin-status-bar:refresh - Refresh - ctrl-alt-r ctrl-alt-r

Flex Tool Bar integration (optional)

Bitcoin Status Bar ScreenShot

Follow instructions for Flex Tool Bar

then add to ~/atom/toolbar.json

    "type": "button",
    "icon": "btc",
    "tooltip": "Bitcoin",
    "iconset": "fa",
    "callback": "bitcoin-status-bar:toggle",
    "style": {
      "color": "#f1c300"
  //....... other buttons

Feel free fork, contribute, to open an issue to discuss potential features to add or improve.

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